Psychology People partners with hcp+

Posted on 23rd March 2015


Psychology People are pleased to support and promote CPD for it’s Locums. To aid documenting your CPD in a secure and HCPC compliant way, we are pleased to be able to partner with and promote hcp+

hcp+ is a secure, on-line platform & smartphone app to record CPD in a way
that addresses the HCPC CPD requirements / standards. It is for
individuals, teams and organisations. This is what it does:
* makes keeping good records easy
* instantly create a PDF of your complete CPD log
* automates the production of your CPD Profile
* build and maintain your CPD log with ease
* live stats of your CPD frequency and balance
* flexible solution – for Web, Android and Apple devices
* teams can share collaborative CPD records (e.g. service days, working
* all users get a 90 day free trial to evaluate the value and impact
* sign up takes 30 seconds at

Hundreds of professionals use hcp+. Since they launched feedback has been
great – these are quotes from HCPC professionals:

“I find HCP+ easy to use and navigate around, I think that even the most
technophobe of people would be able to use it”
“I love the way the Profile looks on saving it and it was very easy to
“With your new programme, I won’t stress as much when the audit Comes
around again”
“It has been easy to use. The info is set out neatly and easy to read in a
logical format. I now feel relieved I have updated my information finally”
“Very nice look and feel to the website”
“Many thanks for a really nice product”
“I can imagine it saving time and stress”
“This is a great app and I am sure will be really valuable going forward”